Coffee apps – top apps for finding, brewing, and savoring the perfect cup

Greetings coffee connoisseurs, brewers, caffeine freaks, and wanderers. While word-of-mouth, Google Maps, and websites like Yelp (do people still use it?) certainly guide many coffee fans to perfectly brewed cups, the new breed of coffee aficionados uses apps on their phones. Enter the age of coffee apps.

here’s an app for locating resplendent coffee shops tucked away in unseen corners, a guide that lingers around unheard specialty coffees, a brew timer that takes the guesswork out of brewing your perfect cup, a journaling tool where you chronicle your caffeinated adventures, and more.

These tools are the sommeliers of the smartphone age, offering wisdom on brewing techniques, bean origins, and the art of sipping. It’s a testament to coffee’s universal appeal, catering to everyone from the espresso expert to the latte layman.

Whether you’re searching for a cozy café in a new city, looking to refine your homebrewing skills, or just want to keep track of your coffee-tasting experiences, there’s an app for that. Coffee locator apps make discovering hidden gems and popular spots effortless, while brewing guides and timers ensure your homemade coffee is on par with professional standards. For those who like to delve deeper, coffee-tasting apps provide insights into different bean varieties and brewing methods.

In this guide, we’re exploring the best coffee apps available. From specialty coffee finders to comprehensive coffee journals, these apps cater to every aspect of your coffee journey. Stay tuned as we uncover the top picks that will elevate your coffee experience to the next level, right from your phone.

best coffee apps


Perhaps the most useful mobile app for finding specialty coffee shops—even more than European Coffee Trip, which is only about Europe—is Roasters. I use this app everywhere I travel.

Robust has covered most of the world, and while in some places it’s spread thin rather than deep, for the most popular coffee cities, there are enough specialty coffee shops listed to keep any fanatic caffeinated.